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Eating at Hotel Vertshuset starts with a choice between classic and casual.
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  • Berkel

    The meat slicer was invented in 1898: It is called the Berkel. Since then, the Berkel can be found in the best restaurants and kitchens the world over. Vertshuset has its own Berkel, which cuts the thinnest slices for our discerning customers.
  • Bar

    We've created a whole new bar and concept around the Berkel. In the basement, we've got our micro brewery, which supplies our bar with the best beer, in addition to all the brands we import from all over the world.
  • Food art

    Our gastropub offers food art of the highest order. Food - and drink.
  • Local specialties

    Local specialties and the best the region has to offer. Up the stairs and to the right: Berkel og Bar.

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