39 paces from complimentary parking to welcoming reception.

    Surrounded in history: historic buildings, architecture and atmosphere.
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Traditional timbers in the Rammgården.

Røros is a mining town that received an influx of workers from other parts of Europe, among them, the father of Peder Hiorts. Peder Hiorts became director of copper ore mining in 1772 and was the man behind the construction of the town´s church, Bergstadens Zir. Peder Hiorts grew up in Vertshuset house.

The Rammgården was built in 1844 by Johan Nataniel Ramm and now the hotel´s main building. It houses hotel accommodation, the main entrance, our reception, kitchen, breakfast area and our restaurant and lounge. It is a unique timber building that has preserved its character ever since its construction in 1844.

Half of our hotel rooms can be found in the Rammgården accompanied by our conference facilities on the second floor. In the Rammkjelleren basement, you´ll find our brewery and bar. The other half of our hotel rooms are located in the old Uldvarefabrikken textile factory.

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